Goodbye La De Dah Kids.
WELL, NOT EXACTLY GOODBYE. Today is the day to FINALLY share something that has been in the works for almost 18 months. It’s time to say goodbye to #Ladedahkids! . However ,don’t panic we are not GOING ANYWHERE !!!

Nearly 5 years ago when we started this business we had no idea about the things that would come. It is a family business that we would love to expand and grow; we want to take the brand to exciting new places . It’s a brand that we want to be remembered not just for kids products but our lifestyle products. Products that are ethically produced, well designed and created. Products and keepsakes that family memories are part of. We want our business to be a household name, one that is not just for the kids ,but the whole family.

These coming weeks are a whole new adventure for both us and the brand. Not only are we changing our name, but also we are launching our first baby knit range. Something we have been working on for some time. We hope to expand on this and not just for the little ones. We have big plans for this new direction and we hope that you all join us on our new adventure.

For almost 3 years now we have been running two businesses separate under two different websites ( ( The time has come to merge the two and roll it in to one project that we can really sink our teeth into.
In the wee hours of the night in the coming week, we'll be swapping over domains and social media accounts, our web designers will be updating redirects, and we will be biting our nails and crossing all our fingers and toes. All things La De Dah kids (Insta, Facebook, Twitter, plus the site) will direct you to our new name automatically (we're not telling you our new name quite yet. We love surprises )Our direct ticketing/ labeling will have some cross over with a gradual change.

Once everything is officially rebranded, we'll be sharing the story behind the new name, where we hope to see our brand in the next five years, plus some sneak peeks of the new lifestyle products that we are launching in the coming months!

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