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The 5 Podcasts You Should be Listening to in 2021




If you're not listening to podcasts - take this as your sign, it's time to start.

For a while now, podcasts have been a staple in our office. Routinely, one of our staff members will run into the office with the news that our favourite podcast has uploaded. For the majority of 2020, that podcast was Life Uncut by Brittany Hockley and Laura Byrne (Yes, Laura who won Matty J's heart - and Brittany who's pain we felt when the Honey Badger collectively broke Australia's heart of The Bachelor fame.)

Where podcasts like the above have their place (because if anything in 2020, we needed a good laugh - and we still highly recommend it) here are our Top 5 that you should be listening to in 2021 - motivating, insightful and inspiring, these podcasts will take you to the next level and beyond.

1. Unlocking Us by Brené Brown

Who Should Listen | Those looking to level up their lives and delve deep into their emotions.

Where to Listen | iTunes, Spotify

Where to Start | Start with Brené's interview with the incomparable Glennon Doyle (because yes, we're Glennon fangirls too)

2020 was the year of Brené Brown, and we predict that 2021 will be no different. In this series, Brené sits down with celebrities, authors, professors and more to have 'conversations that unlock the deeply human part of who we are, so that we can live, love, parent, and lead with more courage and heart'. 

This podcast is awe inspiring, raw and just so human - you'll probably find you can't stop listening to it. In a time where human connection seems fraught, Unlocking Us teaches you how to connect to (an unlock) yourself. 

2. She's On The Money by Victoria Devine

Who Should Listen | Women seeking advice on financial freedom - from a millennial's perspective

Where to Listen | iTunes, Spotify

Where to Start | Start with the episode on the Pink Tax - warning, this one may inspire you to start a revolution.

A revelation I had in 2020 was that I needed to start being smarter with my money. After asking around for advice within my friendship group, they all pointed me to She's On The Money - and I couldn't be more thankful.

SOTM has taught me that financial independence is achievable and is so important to strive for - especially for women. Take steps towards your own financial freedom today with this fun, insightful millennial take on finances!

3. We Don't Have Time For This by Gemma Peanut & Kate Reeves

Who Should Listen | Those seeking a fresh and raw perspective on motherhood and life

Where to Listen | iTunes, Spotify

Where to Start | This podcast is a newbie, so start from the beginning!

We're long time fans of Gemma, and we sing our love for her from the rooftops. Always inspiring and fresh, she and her childhood best friend Kate are just so much fun to listen to.

This is the perfect podcast to chuck in when you're in need of a little happiness and laughter to brighten up your day!

4. Offline with Alison Rice

Who Should Listen | Social media lovers, and those looking for an in-depth view into the lives behind the stars of your favourite Instagram accounts.

Where to Listen | iTunes, Spotify

Where to Start | Her interview with Juliet Allen is insightful and wonderful!

It's no secret that we're massive fans of social media - we probably spend too much time on it if we're being truly honest! Alison offers a fascinating insight into what it's like to be an 'influencer' and the lives of your favourite online personalities. 

It's more than just a podcast about influencers though, it's about learning to live your true and authentic self.

5. Clementine Ford's Big Sister Hotline

Who Should Listen | Everyone! This podcast covers so many topics that are important to all.

Where to Listen | Spotify, iTunes

Where to Start | Listen to her interview with Yassmin Abdel-Magied - life changing.

Here in our office, we're a little team of feminists - striving for equality. Clementine Ford is perhaps 'best known' - at least in the context of Australian media for angering men when she publicly posts on her feeds the awful things they write to her. 

Clementine is passionate about equality and raising the voices of minorities, these are eye opening conversations that all Australian's need to hear. 

We'd love to know what your podcast recommendations are for the year - because honestly, we can't get enough!

All our love,

Miann & Co x

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