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All About Our New Softies!


Our Large Softies and Pram Toys are a family favourite.

Made from 100% natural cotton fibres, they are beautiful, handmade pieces that are perfect for all children – from babies, to toddlers, to school goers! 

Our business was born from our passion for natural fibres and making children happy. When we first set out on our journey 10 years ago, natural fibre toys weren’t a thing. Like all parents, we were concerned with our children’s well-being and safety – after our eldest son flared up with eczema that grew worse when playing with synthetic toys - we couldn’t help but wonder what was in those toys that caused such a reaction, and were they safe for our children to handle?

From there, our homegrown, family business was born – with one mission, to educate our community on the benefits of natural fibres.


When you think about children’s toys, you want them to be safe. When they spend so many hours playing with them, you don’t want to have to worry if they happen to put a piece of a toy in their mouths or snuggle down with them in bed at night.

We personally choose to not have synthetic fibre toys in our house, why? After researching further into how synthetic fibres were made, we were shocked. Synthetic fibres are made from crude oil – non-renewable fossil fuels that don’t break down, are cheap to produce and are essentially just plastic. If they’re so harmful to the earth by releasing carbon emissions, we wondered what they would do to our little ones – and that is why we made the switch.

We design all our Softies in house, in our small office in Geelong, Victoria. When inspiration strikes, we hit the drawing boards and come up with new and beautiful ideas for our much beloved toys. We manufacture them in a small co-op in the Nantong Province in China – we have been working with this factory since our very first soft toy!


Our softies are produced in small batches, all made by hand, by a small team of beautiful men and women that we are so proud to work with. Working with a co-op allows the workers to have ethical and flexible working conditions, and the ability to work from home and work around family and farming as needed. But also working with such a small team means we have longer lead times than standard businesses, sometimes up to 9 months between conception of product to having the toys delivered to our warehouse.

The handmade nature of our Softies and their all-natural fibres make them unique, heirloom pieces that we hope you and your children pass down for years to come.

In unprecedented times, we all turn to the things that comfort us. That could be a favourite movie or television show, a favourite blanket or pillow. For our bubs, when times are tough and they may not understand this new world around them - comfort comes in the form of turning to their imagination, and their toys.


We knew our children weren’t alone in this. Lockdown meant not being able to see friends or play the way they used to – and we watched them return to the simpler things. Playing outside, jumping on the trampoline and more, and we wanted to take that beautiful simplicity and help it grow.

And from that comes our new line of Softies.

With Deers, Bunnies, Monkeys, Dinosaurs, Unicorns and much more, there is a Softie for every child – a beautiful friend to help their imagination thrive.

We’d love to hear if any of you still have your soft toys from our earlier releases!

All our love,

Miann & Co

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