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When it comes to Easter and the overwhelming amount of chocolate, there's nothing better than gifting a keepsake that'll last a lifetime.

A quality handmade bunny toy is always a welcomed alternative to the mountains of chocolate kids are gifted every year and for the littlest members that aren't quite chocolate ready. 

This year we have extended our bunny range to include even more personalities. Everything from superhero and pirate bunnies to boho and princess bunnies.

We have also introduced a range of basic bunnies in this seasons must have colour palette. These bunnies are perfect to add your own personalities to by dressing up or adding something special to match your individual childs interests.

We hope you love our full range of bunnies and we cannot wait to see what personality you help bring to these little characters. Be sure to share along on instagram with the #miannlovesbunnies.

So ditch the chocolate and hop to it!

romeo bunny

ROMEO BUNNY loves to read and learn new things, always trying to impress his siblings with his findings. He can often be found in his room ready his latest favourite book from the library. His knowledge will never fail to impress you and he is going to grow up to be one smart bunny. 


marlo bunny

MARLO BUNNY is a gentle bunny with a tendency towards shyness and whose instinct is to run at the first sight of danger. His extraordinary acute senses are well-developed and is always on the lookout for any impending peril. Marlo is astoundingly cute and relies heavily on his soft personalities and vulnerable appearance to succeed. 


cruz bunny

CRUZ BUNNY is a confident, outgoing bunny. He is never afraid to stand out from the crowd and loves sharing his confidence with those around him.


samuel sailor bunny

SAMUEL SAILOR BUNNY is responsible for navigating and watching while out and about on the big deep sea. Sailor Bunny is one hand working bunny, from scrubbing decks to ship maintenance. This is one bunny you want to have as your first mate while sailing the seven seas. 


beatrix bunny

Shhhh! BEATRIX BUNNY is sleeping. This precious little one is the perfect bedtime friend. Dreaming of sunshine and daisy chains, Beatrix is always first to sleep. The perfect ploy for mum to say 'Quick, catch up to Beatrix, she's already asleep!'


ned bunny

NED BUNNY is a very studious bunny. When it comes to study, he is super disciplined. Ned loves to study because he loves to learn. Learning makes Ned one happy bunny! A new book is like a new wrapped present to Ned and he has a constant quest for knowledge. 


bunny large soft toy

VICTORIA BUNNY is the mum of all the bunnies, always caring for her bunny family. She is always looking out for others and has a caring nature.

BECKHAM BUNNY, the dad of the family, is a very relaxed and calm bunny. He has a care free nature and loves playing with the other bunnies. 


bandit bunny

Careful of this BANDIT BUNNY, he will steal your heart away! Don't let the cape full you. 'S' stands for super cute and super sneaky! Bandit is happy to be the one that tags along with your little one, always giving a boost of confidence. 


patrick pirate bunny

PATRICK PIRATE BUNNY is an explorer and adventurer. Undeterred by the stormy seas, our adventurous bunny loves to explore aplenty. Patrick strives for excellence and consistency, not perfection. This bunny makes the perfect companion for your little adventure lovers.


brooklyn bunny

Lover of the outdoors, BROOKLYN BUNNY would adventure outside every day if he could. He loves outdoor sports and games and is always trying to convince his siblings to play with him.


bonnie bunny

Unlike her brother, BONNIE BUNNY loves to be neat and tidy. Always checking if her ears are in pristine condition, Bonnie is one for your little Neat Nick. Bonnie always loves going on adventures with her other bunny best friends. 


bunny large soft toy

The perfect companion for your little princess, PRINCESS MEGHAN BUNNY is a fun loving royal bunny. She loves to dance, much like her sister Sylvie, who she loves to spend time with, making up new dance moves and listening to their favourite songs. 

SYLVIE BALLERINA BUNNY is slightly different to her other bunny friends. Much like her sister Princess Meghan Bunny, Sylvie loves to take the centre stage and twirl and jump tip her little legs allow no longer. Sylvie is the perfect little miss for any aspiring ballerina. 


ella boho bunny

ELLA BOHO BUNNY doesn't like too look to tidy or precise. Boho bunny's effortless dressing, matches her easy-going and early personality. Boho Bunny is the perfect companion for a non fuss little Miss. 




harper bunny

Pretty HARPER BUNNY is softly spoken and gentle. She is the quiet one in the family and jas a very kind heart, always looking out for her brothers. 


billy bunny

When BILLY BUNNY is not with his sister Bonnie Bunny, he likes to jump in puddles and get dirty. He is the perfect companion for your little not that will not stay clean! Did we mention he LOVES travelling?! His favourite destination is Paris, where he enjoys freshly squeezed orange juice and eating delicious croissants. He makes the perfect breakfast buddy.  



bunny large soft toys


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