Caring for our crochet handmade friends can extend the longevity and in return give back as a gift that can be lovingly passed down between sibling to sibling and family to family. 

We are all about investing in beautiful products that last the test of time. Giving our friends the care they need is one of the ways to ensure their longevity. 

We always recommend hand washing our friends especially the large softies. I understand that we are all busy, so our toys will also with stand a gentle delicate cycle machine wash. 

Below are our tips for washing and caring for our friends so they last the test of time. 

washing instructions

STEP ONE  Firstly, remove any clothes or removable parts from your toy. This means that you can give the toys main body a really good scrub. Lets face it, if the toy is well loved it will get dirty and need a good wash and air out. 

washing instructions

STEP TWO  We recommend using an Eco Laundry Powder. However I also recommend using a laundry powder that is compatible with cotton laundering and also doesn't react with your families skin. Our eldest has had eczema and I to have also have had breakouts from different laundry powders, so make sure that you use one that is compatible for your family. 

washing instructions

STEP THREE  Run a lukewarm basin of warm water and add some of your chosen laundry powder and give the bowl a good swish around. Cold water doesn't always dissolve the laundry powder so you want it just warm enough (not hot) to help dissolve laundry soap powder grains. 

washing instructions

STEP FOUR  Now you can pop the toy in for a good wash. We do not recommend soaking our toys. Being cotton they absorb a lot of water and the more water they absorb the longer the drying time. And lets face it, if they are a well loved toy you want that toy washed and back with their owner as soon as possible. 

STEP FIVE  Again as the outer of all our toys are a cotton base you can use a soap for stain removal and give it a good scrub and swish around. 

washing instructions

STEP SIX  After removing all the toys stains or 'love marks',  I recommend giving the toy a gentle squeeze on all its limbs and body. Be careful not to twist and go heavy handed on the wringing out of the toy. 

STEP SEVEN  After a good squeeze, I lay it flat on a towel and give the toy a good dry as I  would when bathing a baby. This process removes any excess water again without disfiguring the toy. Kids love this process so get them involved. It's like bathing their baby and teaching them to look after their toys. 

washing instructions

STEP EIGHT  The toy then needs to be laid flat to dry. I love to give a toy a good air dry and often lay them flat on a clothes horse. This way the toy gets a good airing and also allows for the toy to dry without disfiguring the original shape of the toy. 

It is possible to hang the toys but be aware under the weight of the wet cotton limbs may stretch and some slight disfiguration may occur. 

washing instructions

STEP NINE  I now repeat the same process on any clothes or accessories that the toy was wearing. 

STEP TEN  Be careful popping your clothes horse in direct sunlight. The sun is harsh and although all our products are tested they will not withstand long periods in the sunlight. It will bleach your clothes and discolour the toys. We suggest drying in the shade. 

sylvie ballerina bunny

STEP ELEVEN  Now your handmade friend is ready to return to his owner ready for hours of play and love. 


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