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Chatting with Miann & Co Muse Amy Anabel!

If you've set eyes on a Miann & Co photoshoot this past year, then you would have seen a photo or two from the lovely Amy Anabel of AA.Creative - the founder of a multidisciplinary fashion studio. Her shots are simple, subtle and evoke a story that makes you want everything she shoots.

We sat down with Amy to chat all things small business, photography and her plans for summer!


Amy wears the Aurora Pants & the Poppy Shirt

Hi Amy, thank you so much for sitting down with us today! We're obsessed with your fashion photography, it's always so clean and beautiful - and the way you use your body in photos is nothing short of phenomenal - how did you find your unique shooting style?

My absolute pleasure, you girls are too kind! I don’t really think about my shooting style, I just shoot what and how I like so I really am flattered that people love it and it comes across well. I have always had a fascination with the female form and how unique we all are, so I think you can definitely see that inspiration in my style of content creation.


You have a ton of industry experience, how has this helped you with starting AA.Creative, and why did you choose the path of starting your own bespoke fashion studio?

I think the experience gave me the confidence more than anything. I loved the work I did previously and was lucky enough to work alongside some pretty talented humans which I think really drove my passion towards wanting to create something of my own.

I’ve always been a pretty independent and determined little cookie so whilst it was a big leap, it felt right. I’ve never looked back.


Amy wears the Dawn Shirt

You do a lot more than taking stunning photographs, tell us a bit more about your business and take us through what a normal day in the life of AA.Creative looks like!

This is a super funny question for me, that I get asked quite a lot. My business has so many different branches, that I try to categorise under a ‘Bespoke Fashion Studio’ because realistically I don’t know what else to call it haha!

I offer services such as Content Creation, Social Media Management, Consulting and Brand Management which means every day looks different.

Overall I am an extension of the small business’ that I work with so a day for me could be working on my own business, answering emails, touching base with global wholesale accounts, creating content, copy writing, consulting calls, mailchimp, designing, production and the list goes on. No week is the same for me but that is why I love it, keeps my mind sharp and it is always fun.


You live in such a picturesque location in Western Australia, does the beautiful landscape around you inspire your work? Where do you find inspiration?

Absolutely! My partner and I moved over from the East Coast 3 years ago and we have fallen in love with Western Australia. I would definitely have to say that the beautiful rugged coastlines and untouched landscapes are where I source inspiration from. I’m also a Summer baby, so I like to say I’m fuelled by the sun so anywhere that the light hits directly gets me going!


Amy wears the Dawn Shirt

Since we found you earlier in the year, we're always so amazed by the high quality photography and concepts you come up with, you're so creative! Do you plan and shoot all of your projects by yourself?

Aw thank you! Everything is planned by myself, and executed. Generally the process for me is having a vision prior to shooting and making sure that both the brand and myself are on the same page. We both invest so much time and money that we want to get it right. Next, scouting a location and then thanks to pre planning shooting which is the easiest part (if everything goes right). Before I started content creating I definitely underestimated the work that goes in to each shoot, I give way more credit to people creating beautiful imagery now than I ever did.


As we're in Victoria, we unfortunately can't travel as much as we'd like to this year - when we can, where would you say the top places to visit are in Western Australia? Any unknown, locals only hotspots we should check out? 

I cannot wait to be able to travel again, but we have been one of the luckiest regions in the world to be able to discover/rediscover our own state. A list of my favourite places in the world (yes I meant to say world). Also, keep it hush hush ;)

  • Exmouth
  • Yallingup
  • Denmark
  • Esperance


Amy wears the Aurora Pants & the Jade Shirt

Finally, as it's almost Christmastime and the holidays are coming up - what are your plans this summer?

Seeing as we won’t be heading back over East to spend it with our family we will just be spending some time at home. Dunsborough is the best place to be in the Summertime, and it is our first year living in the region so we can’t wait to explore the coastlines, lap up some sun and visit one to many wineries!


You can keep up with Amy via Instagram or her website!

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