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How to Find Your Size in Miann & Co!


If you've followed us for a while, you'd know that we use a lot of models in our shoots. Most have become familiar faces and every now and then we add in a new model to spruce things up. However, with using a lot of models, comes a lot of messages - and the one thing we get messaged the most is, 'What size does (insert model name here) wear?'

And we totally get it - it can be so hard to determine what size a model might be just on a photo alone. That said, our sizing typically runs more generous than standard Australian sizing. In designing our clothing, we also prefer a more oversized fit - this is a style that tends to run through all our ranges. We find that in our clothes (our knits especially) people often have to size down to find their best size, unless they also like an oversized fit.

Firstly, in our product descriptions, we always detail how a product fits, what it's made out of and what the fit is like. This is one of the best ways to tell how a product may fit. It's also always important to remember that you may want certain pieces to fit differently depending on your own personal taste, so it's totally fine to size up or down if that is of concern to you.

Secondly, we also have individual size charts for every item - we find this a better option than having all of our clothing conform to the one size guide, although it does make things a little tricker for the consumer, it also give a better indication for sizing. You can find the size guides at the very end of the product image carousel, just flick through and you'll see them! They're flat measurements, so you'll need to double for circumference - and they also don't account for elastic.

And thirdly, to make it easy on you guys, we've compiled everything you need to know about our models into one, easy to read list to help you further decide which pieces and which sizes are best for you!



Height: 169cm

Bust: 85cm

Bra: 10C

Waist: 69cm

Hips: 99cm

AU Dress Size: 8-10

Size in Miann & Co: XS-S



Height: 175cm

Bust: 95cm

Bra: 12C

Waist: 80cm

Hips: 105cm

AU Dress Size: 10-12

Size in Miann & Co: S-M



Height: 170cm

Bust: 120cm

Bra: 18G

Waist: 107cm

Hips: 136cm

AU Dress Size: 18-20

Size in Miann & Co: L-XL



Height: 160cm

Bust: 95

Bra: 12E

Waist: 78

Hips: 93

AU Dress Size: 12 

Size in Miann & Co: S

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