Just when you thought you'd found your favourite, we introduce more to our Miann & Co family! Think a magical prince and stunning princess, a cheeky galah and an energetic kangaroo, and you've got our latest editions! Who's your new favourite? ..... 

Penelope is a gentle soul that loves to explore the royal gardens. She loves to run free and has the spirit to match her free nature.  Pair her with her bestie Pierre Prince, for some fun loving adventures.

Pierre is very artistic and loves to explore his creative side. Pierre takes inspiration from the outdoors and exploring in the gardens with his favourite princess friends. For extra childhood adventures, pair him with his best friend Penelope Princess, for some fun adventures.

Gigi Galah is one sassy bird. This bird has attitude and takes orders from no one. Gigi loves to dance and sing and is a bit of a show bird.  Gigi is the perfect companion for your little rockstar.

Kinsley Kangaroo is much more creative than seen from the outside. The combination of innovative thinking and a stubborn yet passionate drive often overwhelms this Kangaroos senses. 

In truth, Kinsley Kangaroo just wants to be admired and appreciated

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