Childhood is all about exploring and going on adventures. As the weather starts to cool here in the southern hemisphere, it’s time to wrap our little ones in warm winter natural layers.
Our knit range has a focus on texture, colour and longevity this season.
We recently heard a frightening statistic that Australians throw away six tones of clothing every ten minutes. Combined with the increasing amount of synthetic fibres on the market, which is adding to landfill on a daily basis. 
This season we explore the ethos of slowing down and buying once and buying well. Investing in classic wardrobe staples that are saved for and last the test of time becoming family and generational staples that share a story and family memories.
We have simplified our colour palette to a more unisex range, allowing for more wears within a growing family crossing between the genders and clothing that can be passed down and shared. Quality is our key focus with our range being made from the finest cotton.
We also have some exciting news!Frustrated by the ever growing amount of synthetic yarns and pilling one wear expensive knitwear, we have listened to our customers and we are now releasing our first ever womenswear range. We are excited to extend our ethos of buying once and buying well to our very own womenswear collection. Our small curated range is big in both quality and style, with 'quality over quantity' being our motto. 
Think beautiful cotton knitwear, rich texture and colour created for the conscious modern day woman. Keep an eye on @miannandco_woman on instagram and join our mailing list for some sneak peeks and release dates.
 In the meantime, shop our knitwear range here.
AW18 PART TWO  |  1. Grey Kangaroo Hand Rattle  |  2. Penguin Hand Rattle  |  3. Sloth Hand Rattle  |  4. Walrus Hand Rattle  |  5. Terracotta Deer Hand Rattle  |  6. Grey Marl Mini Bunny Rattle |  7. Mustard Mini Bunny Rattle  |  8. Neutral Mini Bunny Rattle  |  9. Soft Pink Mini Bunny Rattle  |  10. Speckled Mini Bunny Rattle |  11. Terracotta Mini Bunny Rattle |  12. Jaynie Doll  |  13. Johnie Doll  |  14. Princess Meghan Bunny  |  15. Victoria Bunny  |  16. Harper Bunny  |  17. Beckham Bunny  |  18. Romeo Bunny  |  19. Brooklyn Bunny  |  20. Cruz Bunny  |  21. Cream Chunky Rib Knit Beanie |  22. Dusty Pink Chunky Knit Beanie  |  23. Grey Chunky Knit Beanie  |  24. Dusty Pink Rib Knit Beanie  |  25. Terracotta Rib Knit Beanie  |  26. Moss Green Rib Knit Beanie  |  27. Cream Pom Pom Beanie  |  28. Moss Green Pom Pom Beanie  |  29. Navy Pom Pom Beanie  |  30. Grey Fur Booties  |  31. Grey Rabbit Beanie |  32. Natural Rabbit Beanie
33. Dusty Pink Stripe Knit Sleeveless Suit  |  34. Rabbit Knit Sleeveless Suit  |  35. Terracotta Stripe Knit Sleeveless Suit  |  36. Dusty Pink Frill Knit Overalls  |  37. Navy Stripe Knit Overalls  |  38. Pink Raindrop Baby Suit |  39. Terracotta Raindrop Baby Suit  |  40. Cream Rib Legging  |  41. Grey Rib Legging  |  42. Dusty Pink Rib Legging  |  43. Navy Rib Legging  |  44. Dusty Pink Waffle Knit Hoodie  |  45. Dusty Pink Frill Knit Dress  |  46. Terracotta Strappy Knit Skirt  |  47. Navy Dot Strappy Skirt  |  48. Navy Waffle Knit Hoodie  |  49. Charcoal Waffle Knit Hoodie |  50. White Rabbit Jumper |  51. Grey Rabbit Jumper |  52. Grey Dot Jumper  |  53. Dusty Pink Dot Jumper  |  55. Dusty Pink Rib Knit Jumper  |  56. Sloth Jumper  |  57. Limited Edition Jumper  |  58. Heart Jumper

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