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Making the Switch to Natural Fibres - How & Why!

When purchasing new clothing, a good rule of thumb is to try and shop as ethically as possible - both in how the clothing is made and what the clothing is made from.

This could be choosing to purchase from ethical brands - who choose to make their clothing with natural fibres in factories with ethical practices (meaning fair working conditions and pay for their employees, among many other standards)

Image 1: Frankie Shorts in Lavender Grey & Demi Singlet in Café Au Lait | Image 2: Demi Singlet in Biscotti Speckle & Frankie Shorts in Seagrass Gingham

But why should you buy this way?

The fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters in the whole world - 13 million tons of textile waste is produced each year, 95% of which could be reused or recycled. A lot of these fabrics are synthetic and therefore are not biodegradable - meaning, at the end of their lifespan they will not break down into the earth and will continue to produce and release green house gasses for hundreds of years.

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Image 1: Kelly Jumper in Grey & Charlie Pants in Cafe Au Lait | Image 2: Neive Jumper in Butterscotch & Charlie Pants in Biscotti Speckle | Image 3: Margot Jumper in Biscotti & Holly Cords in Glazed Ginger

Natural fibre clothing is also better for you.

Lots of natural fibres, like cotton, are hypoallergenic. They're great for those with allergies as they won't flare up pre-exisiting skin conditions, nor contribute to developing ones. Because they're natural, cottons, linens, ramie and others won't release micro plastics into the water systems when washed - unlike synthetic materials that when washed release and account for 35% of all micro plastics in our ocean today.

Image 1: Demi Singlet in Rosewater & Charlie Pants in Biscotti | Image 2: Margot Jumper in Rosewater & Molly Skirt in Bronze Rust Floral | Image 3: Demi Singlet in Biscotti Speckle & Frankie Shorts in Seagrass Gingham

The key to reducing the fashion industry's use of synthetic fibres is in the hands of the consumer. By advocating for brands who produce ethically and from natural fibres, you can show large corporations that preserving the earth and it's life is important - and drive them to produce more ethically and sustainably. 

If switching to a more sustainable wardrobe interests you, we recommend starting small. A great place to start is with items you wear almost everyday. Maybe you're a simple basic t-shirt kind of person, make sure the next t-shirt you buy is made from natural fibres - like our Daisy Tees!

Image 1: Taylah Dress in Summer Bloom | Image 2: Demi Singlet in Biscotti Speckle & Jane Skirt in Lavender Grey Gingham | Image 3: Margot Jumper in Biscotti & Molly Skirt in Summer Bloom

If you're in the office all day, maybe you're after a set of super comfortable loungewear that you can change into after a hard day at work, our Chloe Pants and Rory Hoodie make a great choice for after work comfort - or working from home!

Making small switches like this over time can really help make a big impact in the long run.

Will you start making the switch?

All our love,

Miann & Co x

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