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How To Create A Capsule Wardrobe

Have you ever struggle with not knowing what to wear, despite an overflowing wardrobe and too many clothes to count? We’ve all been there. Odd are time and time again you grab for your favourite dress, or pair of jeans and a classic shirt – the same thing you’ve worn before but always feel great in.

What if there was a way you could condense your wardrobe, leaving behind only things that make you feel good. Things that will always make you feel beautiful and put together. Good news, there is! It’s called the Capsule Wardrobe, and honestly, it’s made getting dressed in the morning so simple (meaning more time for sleeping in!)

Capsule wardrobes are just that – a small collection of clothing consisting of basic pieces that can all be paired together to make a complete outfit. They can consist of any number of clothing, but the general rules are: quality over quantity, timeless staple pieces and finally, items that make you feel good.

So how do you start on making your own capsule wardrobe? We’ll talk you through it.


  • What's Your Style?

You might have a strong idea of your style, or the style you want to have. You might have no idea how you want to dress. This is where social media comes in handy. Find someone who's style you like, what do you admire about them? What is it about their style that you like?

Use Pinterest and Instagram to pin and save posts respectively of things you like, style you admire and ways you want to dress. Once you've compiled a healthy board, condense it down to the things you really like to truly pinpoint your style.

  • Go Through Your Wardrobe

Start by sorting everything into piles. As a general rule, I have a few piles. Keep (clothes you absolutely love, clothes that match the style you've pinpointed as above), Donate (clothes that are still in good condition that someone else will love), Repair (clothes that may have a split in the seams or a missing button that can be repaired) and Throw (clothing beyond repair).

Maybe you have pieces left in there you haven’t worn in years, or things that don’t fit you anymore, things that maybe you hate. This is a sign to give them away. Those pieces you love but haven’t worn due to a busted seam or broken zip? Pull up YouTube and watch a tutorial on how to repair your clothing. If it can be repaired, it’s still good, don’t give up on those – keep or donate as you wish.

Before you throw irreparable clothing in the bin, consider friends or family that may have a scrap fabric pile or collect buttons and zips for repurposing. This is a super important step in making sure things don't go to waste and contribute further to the fashion industry waste.

  • Sort, Sort, Sort

From the pile of clothes you love, start sorting through them. It's in this that you'll see if there's any gaping holes and pieces you'll need in the style you're trying to achieve.

You'll also be able to sort through really seasonal items - items that get stored away when the weather turns cold, or alternatively when the weather gets warm. You wouldn't keep coats out for Summer, and you wouldn't have your shorts out for Winter.

Set your basic pieces to one side. This could include basic tops like singlets and long sleeves, your favourite pair of jeans - essentially all the staples of your new style.

  • The Shopping List

Once you've sorted, you can start listing the things you don't have - but keep it seasonal. Capsule wardrobe's are meant to be developed over time, as you need the pieces, so don't go out and splurge. 

If it's coming up to summer, and you find that you are lacking in t-shirts, invest in those rather than another pair of denim shorts when you already have them. 

As the seasons change, you can add the staples you need to the wardrobe. Also know that it's fine if you find a piece you really love that you think you'll get a lot of wear out of that may not necessarily fall in line with your style. Some capsule wardrobe users will allow themselves to purchase one or two new seasonal items every few months.

  • Final Tips

The most important part of a capsule wardrobe is that it shouldn't feel restrictive. Underwear, socks, bras etc are not included, so feel free to add those and take away as you wish. 

If you are intrigued by the idea of a capsule wardrobe, we've created one of our own that really sings to our personal style. We'd love to hear your thoughts!

For more information, we've linked a few resources that have really helped us in our journey:

- The Anna Edit's YouTube Series

She has lots of great info on how to incorporate seasonal style into your capsule wardrobe.

- Bestdressed's Travel Wardrobe

This is a fun take on a capsule wardrobe experiment while travelling, and the pros and cons.

- Caroline Rector's Blog

Caroline has many great printables and advice on how to being your own capsule wardrobe.

Does a capsule wardrobe appeal to you? We'd love to know if it does!

All our love,

Miann & Co x

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