Travelling With Kids



We have been lucky enough to travel to many places in this beautiful world with our kids. Venturing around with children is equally as amazing and rewarding as it is challenging and arduous. Throughout our journeys we have collated a few of our favourite tips to travelling with kids.

Take it slowly / When you are travelling with little ones, it’s important to remember – you’re not in charge anymore. Your bundles of joy will control your every move so just take it slow and go with the flow; let others rush around you.

Research/ Research your destination, what will you do when you get there? What activities will your children enjoy? How will you get there? Where will you stay? Will there be baby equipment? We also think it is great to get your kids involved in the research process, so they can pick activities that they are excited for!

Plan / Whilst planning your trip try to book your flights around bedtime – this will hopefully encourage your child to sleep for majority of the journey. Planning and remaining prepared allows you to go ahead with your trip confident and calm with the knowledge that everything has been organised. Although, as important as it is to plan - remaining flexible is key!

Explain/ Keeping your children involved and explaining things encourages them to be remain interested in the holiday. It also allows them to be excited about the trip!

Surprise / An element of surprise is large part of the joy of a family vacation! Keeping components of the holiday a secret (that you are sure everyone will love) to pull out when necessary will leave everyone delighted and beaming.

Organise / Bored, tired and hungry children are at the core of all unhappy little munchkins! Thinking about how you can tackle each one of these problems if they arise will make for a smooth adventure. Always have back up games and activities on hand to play and always pack snacks for the plane and trip.

Dress / Make sure you are prepared for the climate. Dressing your child appropriately for the weather will make them much happier in the new setting.

Go for it/ Just go for it! Enjoy this special time with your loved ones.

Miann and Co xxx


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Travelling with kids

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