Knitted Baby Clothes (With Premium Soft Cotton)

Knitted Baby Clothes


Looking for Knitted Baby Clothes?

If you’re looking for knitted baby clothes in Australia, you’ve come to the right place! Beyond all of our clothing being hand knitted, sewn or crocheted, we only use 100% cotton yarn. We believe the best thing that we can do for our children is giving them access to the best quality clothing and linens available. It’s not enough in this day and age to just focus on what goes inside of our kids (though diet and exercise is still incredibly important) but also what kind of fabrics we’re choosing from blankets to clothing, towels and more! Our skin is the largest organ on the body and the one exposed to the world every single day, with worries about airborne toxins and man-made pollution it’s time we take the steps to protect our kids. That is why we only use 100% natural fabrics, not only are they not chemical-soaked and treated like synthetic fabrics are, they are also soft, sustainable and environmentally conscious. +

Gone are the days when natural fabrics were synonymous with an itchy burlap sack, that’s just simply not the case. Silk and cotton are natural fabrics and oftentimes are softer and kinder to the skin than their synthetic counterparts.

Why Choose Us for Knitted Baby Clothes

We know that we are not the only retailer of hand knitted baby clothes in Australia, but we are Australian owned and operated by our family to make sure that yours gets the best possible quality. We put an incredible focus on customer service because we aren’t a big box store. Working with our customers, being transparent about our process, building good relationships and always ensuring the highest quality products is what has grown our brand over the years and left so many customers thrilled to be part of the Miann & Co family. We want to do right by everyone involved in the process of our vision, from the start of production not only until it gets to your door but years later when our product is still a treasured part of your household. All of our knitters and seamstresses work from the comfort of their home so they can be with their families too! We do not support or condone the culture of sweatshops and mass produced items.


If you have any questions about our process, products, shipping or returns feel free to check out these FAQs, for any questions you don’t see addressed below please contact us via our comment page or at

Q: What are the shipping costs like?

A: We offer free shipping locally and internationally with reasonable order minimums if you are looking to spend below the minimum, we do a standard shipping calculation of check out.

Q: Is my personal Information Kept Private?

A: All personal information is kept private and confidential; at no point will we ever share it with a third party. Be assured we take your security very seriously.

Q: When are the best Sale times?

A: Twice a year we will offer seasonal sales, please register for email updated to be notified of when the sale starts!

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