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Baby Girl Cot Sets


Here at Miann & Co, we focus on creating beautiful, stylish linens, clothing and home features for families across the world! While I think a lot of us feel a twinge of sadness when we see the days getting shorter and the sun growing dimmer there’s always something to look forward to! When the days start getting cooler, I like to slow down the pace of things and take the opportunity to add some warm cosy layers to the home! From rugs to extra blankets, booties, pillows and those little touches that take a room from summer chic to cosy cool, there’s always a way to be excited about any season. When you buy a new cot set for your baby girl or even as a gift, it’s an opportunity to rework and revamp a bedroom or nursery! +

Beautiful Cot Sets for a Baby Girl!

With our cot sets, you can be assured that whether it’s the dead of winter or the height of summer your little one is going to be comfortable and safe. All of our products are made with 100% natural fibres and fabrics, which makes them breathable, moisture wicking, durable and most importantly, safe for all types of skin! Another benefit of natural fabrics is, of course, the positive impact they have on the environment. Every fabric and fibre we work with is responsibly sustainably sources and each and every one of our products is hand made by a dedicated, passionate team of women. We are proud to offer these jobs to women and men overseas in Asian countries so that they can make a living wage while getting to be in the comfort of their homes with their families, something that many people in the industry are not afforded.

Why Choose Us for Your Baby Girl's Cot Set?

We are an Australian owned and operated company that takes a great deal of pride in quality, style and excellent customer service. After dealing with the difficulties of finding safe fabrics for their first baby founders Rebecca and Terence decided to take things into their own hands. Realising a startling lack of baby products on the market that were made with natural fabrics, Miann & Co was born! (Formerly La de Dah Kids) raising a baby that suffered from eczema was made so much easier when having fabrics that didn’t cause irritation, and it began to spark the question of what materials are actually safe for us. Many synthetic fibres are pure chemicals, and when you think about the fact that the skin is our biggest organ, it makes sense to consider what we have rubbing against it all day.

Our passion and devotion to excellence is what makes us the best choice for you, we would never sell a product we wouldn’t feel comfortable with our own babies having and while we know you have many other choices of baby linen retailer available, we promise you our commitment to our customers, the planet and safety is unmatched.

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