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Baby Lace Up Shoes


Are you looking for lace up shoes for your baby?

If you're looking for lace-up shoes for your little one, but they're not quite at the walking stage yet, then we've got you covered. At Miann and Co, we offer a range of incredibly comfortable, incredibly cute baby lace up shoes at a great price. We believe that every baby deserves to look and feel their best, whilst being safe, and comfortable. With our range of baby lace-ups, which are specifically designed with our little ones in mind, we can assure you all of those things, at the highest quality, for the best price. +

Are there really benefits to putting your baby in pre-walking shoes?

The short answer to that is yes. There absolutely are benefits to putting your baby in pre-walkers. Some of these include:

  • They are flexible, and they support natural foot development
  • They provide protection for your little one's feet, but they don't restrict their natural foot development
  • They allow your babies foot to breathe comfortably.

What's our favourite pre-walker shoe?

We offer quite the variety of pre-walker shoes. Our baby lace up shoes are the perfect addition to your babies outfits, not just for cuteness, but because of the benefits we just talked about. We wouldn't be lying to tell you that we definitely had our favourites though. And those are our grey lace up pre-walker shoes.

Putting your baby in our grey lace up pre-walker shoes means that no matter what, your baby is ready for adventures. They're not at risk of stubbing their toes or accidentally treading in their older brothers Lego that you definitely told him to clean up 3 or 30 times already this morning. They're soft soled shoes, which means they are absolutely perfect for your little one who is learning to walk.

Our grey lace-up pre-walkers are made from genuine textured cow leather, which is 100% tested, and made to last. So they're not just going to fall apart at your baby’s first trip. The outer sole is made of genuine suede leather, which will make sure that your little one has a soft cushion to walk on at all times.

They are also super easy to clean; all you need to do is spot clean them as and when using nothing but a damp cloth.

Our grey lace-up pre-walkers are sold on our website at just $44.95 a pair. You can also make 4 interest free payments every fortnight, of just $11.23 if you choose to pay using AfterPay. They are available in sizes from 0 to 6 months, right the way through to 18-24 months (0-6m, 6-12m, 12-18m, 18-24m).

The best part? If you spend over $60 with us at Miann & Co, we can deliver your shoes to you absolutely free if you live in either Australia or New Zealand.

If you live locally, and you can also click and collect your order completely free. We will pack your order and then notify you once your order is ready for collection. You can collect your order from:

Unit 2/92 Balliang St,
South Geelong
VIC 3220

Feel free to pop in and collect your order from us, any time between 9:30am – 4pm Monday – Friday (excluding public holidays).

If you don't live locally, or even in the country, we are able to offer free international shipping for any order over $250 too!

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