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Welcome to Miann & Co, the best choice for soft, safe, durable baby toys and linens in Australia, and around the world! What started as a dream to provide families with safe, hypoallergenic, baby soft linens and toys has grown into a full lifestyle brand! Even though we’ve grown in the last 8 years and changed from La de Dah Kids to Miann & Co, we have never wavered from our original promise of high-quality items made from natural fabrics. We are a small family run business, which means we keep family in mind. We aren’t like the big box stores; we won’t sell you plastic baby hand rattles or have any recalls for unsafe materials because we would never even consider using a material that isn’t 100% safe. +

Looking to Buy a Beautiful Baby Rattle?

If you’re going to buy a baby rattle we believe it should be of the highest quality; we do that by constructing ours of 100% cotton wool. By using natural fabrics and fibres, we know that we are putting out a superior product to what is on the market and not only does that make it safer, more durable and more environmentally friendly, it also makes it more personal. None of our products are mass produced; in fact, the incredibly dedicated team of women we have who make our products get to work from home so they can be with their families as well!

Why Buy Baby Rattles?

Baby rattles may seem a bit antiquated, especially when you take a look at standard toy aisles today, but truly one of the best tools to help the comfort and development of your baby is a rattle. Learning that moving the rattle will produce a sound is a fundamental of learning for our little ones, and the way that a baby lights up when they figure that out is good enough of a reason to make sure they have one: but let’s take a look at some other reasons.

Rattles are not just a source of entertainment for a baby to play with, they also teach new skills, one big one is movement tracking, (Try taking a rattle away while your little one is playing with it, see how they focus on where it’s going!) this helps coordinate eye movement and starts the building blocks for object permanence! Babies will also train their fine motor skills by experimenting with their grasp on the rattle and moving it in different ways and will start ear training themselves to look out for the sound of their favourite toys!

Nostalgia is another reason to consider buying a rattle, heirloom gifts and toys are very important as your baby starts to grow into a toddler, child, teenager and then eventually an adult. Keeping some toys and keepsakes from those younger years is a nice way to remember the times when they were tiny! We aim for all of our toys and rattles to survive the years, be beautiful and durable and eventually make a beautiful keepsake.

What is Shipping Like?

We offer free shipping both locally and internationally with a reasonable order minimum if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us via our contact form or send us an email at

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