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Baby Cuddle Toys


At Miann and Co, we don't just offer cute clothes. We also offer the cutest, most adorable, range of cuddle toys. This has recently expanded into baby cuddle toys which are completely perfect for your younger little ones, who wouldn't otherwise be suited for our larger versions. At the minute, two of our best sellers are the mini pig baby cuddle toy and the mini bunny baby toy. +

Are you looking for adorable cuddle toys for your baby?

Our mini pig cuddle toy is adorable. He .. or she!... is the perfect friend for your little person. Each of our mini pigs are hand crocheted and they'll provide hours of fun and companionship for your little one. They are made of 100% cotton yarn, which means that our mini pigs are soft to hold and fun to cuddle .. and the best part is they won't irritate your babes sensitive skin if they do decide to snuggle up with their mini pig.

So should you buy mini cuddle pig?

Our mini pig is 22cm of handmade goodness, which means that each of our mini pigs are unique and full of their own magical personalities. These slight variations from character to character means that no two Miann & Co mini pigs are the same. The piggy that your little one has is theirs to treasure, with no other like it in the world.

In terms of washing our mini pigs, they can definitely be machine washed! They should be washed on a cold, gentle cycle. It's preferential to do this with your little ones mini pig inside a delicates / a garment bag for the best results. Our mini pigs should be washed with similar, or light colours only, and it is best advised that you wash your dark colours separately.

Or should you buy mini cuddle bunny?

Mini bunny is the younger brother of Ned bunny, who is one of our large cuddle toys, and an excellent big brother to white bunny, who is one of our hand rattles. 

Mini bunny is slightly taller than his pig friend, at 24cm, but he is still handcrafted with the same love and attention – and from the same 100% natural cotton yarn. This means that whether you choose to buy your baby one of our mini bunnies or our mini pigs, they are not going to irritate your bubs skin!

Every mini bunny is completely hand made, meaning that no two are the same. As with mini pig, you should cold wash your mini bunnies on a cold, gentle cycle and ideally in a garment bag.

Both of our cuddle toys retail for $30. No matter whether you choose to welcome mini bunny, introduce mini pig or go for one of our other stuffed toys into your home, and into your child's life, we don't expect you to pay the world for it! With Miann and Co, you're getting handmade love and care with all of our baby cuddle toys, and you can even get free delivery when you order within Australia (and New Zealand!) over $60.

If you decide to order with us, you can do so super easily via our website. However, if you have any questions, feel free to drop us an e-mail at, and one of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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