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Every tiny little baby is a unique being with unique desires, tastes, and a unique personality.  So why should your little one wear the same clothes as everyone else? +

A Baby Store That Allows You to Be and Raise a Unique Person

At Miann & Co, we create the most fashionable clothing that are not just unique but also look great.

If you have been looking for something different than the usual mass-produced clothes and home accessories, then we welcome you to have a look at our gorgeous clothing ranges for mum’s and their tiny toddlers or babies.

Miann & Co is a small family business that uses ethical production methods for creating all sorts of products such as clothing, furniture, and toys.  Our products are made of high-quality materials that are bound to last longer and we only use fabrics and materials with natural baby friendly fibres.

Every product you see on our website is personally designed right here in Australia and handmade by a passionate team of men and women overseas.  Our products are very stylish, fashionable, comfortable to wear and are perfect for mummies looking for something functional and practical for themselves and for their little ones. 

Our Online Baby Shop Features a Great Variety of Products

At Miann & Co, we are constantly working hard to include new products in our ranges.  Our products are never mass produced, which gives mums and little ones the opportunity to be truly unique when it comes to fashion.

We make and provide a huge variety of products such as the following;

Baby clothing - You can shop a wide variety of beautiful baby clothes that are comfortable to wear and highly durable.  All products in our online baby store are made with natural fibres.

Toddler clothing - The natural products we use for manufacturing toddler clothing is perfectly safe for children with skin sensitivities.  Our clothing for tiny humans is also soft, breathable and very stylish.

Women’s clothing - Mum can also shop online from our website. We make a wide variety of beautiful women’s garments such as dresses, jumpsuits, outerwear, pants, shirts, skirts and much more.  All of our garments are fashionable yet comfortable enough for you to move with ease so you can keep up with your little one.

Toys - Our toy ranges are specially designed for babies and toddlers. These products are handmade of natural materials and are the perfect gifting solution for any new mum or tiny baby.

Bedding - You can also shop a wide range of beautiful bedding such as cushions, fitted sheets and in order to create a beautiful nursery.

Furniture and accessories - At Miann & Co our designers work hard to create beautiful furniture and home accessories that will lend plenty of style to your home and that offers great functionality and durability.  Our furniture and accessories are superb gifting solutions for anyone looking for a special way to spoil a special someone.

Matching outfits - Are you looking for matching outfits for your children or for mummy and child? We provide a wide range of beautiful matching clothing in light colours and flowing fabrics that won’t just be suitable for casual wear but also for photography sessions.

Buy Our Products Online

Miann & Co makes it very easy for mothers to find fine quality products with great ease because you can buy all of our garments and accessories right here from our website.  We deliver across Australia and can have your items delivered to any address.    As an added bonus we also work via Afterpay which allows you to buy clothes now and pay later.

For the most beautiful and unique clothes and baby accessories, we welcome you to have a look at our beautiful ranges. 

Do Your Online Shopping For Toddlers At Miann & Co

When you have a new baby, for many people the last thing that they want to be doing is walking around a shopping centre. Well, now you do not have to as you can do all your baby shopping online right here at Miann & Co. Our online store has everything that you need for your new baby, including clothes, shoes and even toys. What’s more, we can send these clothes to you with our same day service or free of charge when you spend $60 or more.

There are so many fantastic benefits to shopping with our company, and below you can read more about the benefits we can provide to you.

The Top Five Benefits Of Shopping With Miann & Co

While there are plenty of amazing benefits to shopping with us here at Miann & Co, we are going to be talking about five of the most important ones that we think you need to know about.

  1. Longevity - When you buy our clothing made from natural fibres, a massive benefit is how long it will last you. Natural fibre clothing is known for its longevity, and so you can expect it to last a lot longer than your synthetic materials. This means less expense for you repurchasing and less waste on the environment.
  1. Ethical Production - What’s great about buying from Miann & Co is that you know you are supporting a fair and ethical brand. We only support the ethical production of our clothing and we regularly visit our factory abroad, which is also a family run business. Furthermore, by purchasing our goods, you are supporting the environment better than by purchasing synthetic materials as they decompose easier into the earth.
  1. Family Run Business - Miann & Co is a family run business, and so when you buy from us, you are supporting a family run, Australian based brand. With us, you can enjoy a personal service, rather than just dealing with a big corporate company.
  1. Natural Fibres - Our clothing is all made with natural fibres and this allows for your clothing to breathe, rather than clinging to you. These natural fibres such as cotton are also much better for those with sensitive skin and are especially great for those suffering from eczema and skin allergies.

Speak To Us Today

As you can see, Miann & Co is the only place you will want to do your baby shopping online. Our team is also available to contact by email should you have any queries about the range of items we have for sale. There are also lots of different ways in which you can keep up to date with all of our latest news and special promotions. The best way is to sign up to our mailing list, and in doing this, you will also receive 10% off your next order! You can also head on over to our Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube social channels to ensure you are not missing out.

Miann & Co is Australia's favourite clothing & accessories destination for babies, kids and the whole family! Our crochet and knit clothes, toys and other pieces are well loved locally and globally. From lace up and moccasin baby shoes, knitted baby suit and cute baby dresses to baby toys, hand rattles, pram toys and much more! Large range of natural toddler clothes and shoes.

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