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Natural Living

Miann & Co. is a brand that not enters the home but the heart, becoming a brand for life in more ways than one. Our products are designed to last a lifetime, expertly handmade with durable materials and helping our brand to be loved by your family, generation after generation.

Our Favourite Ways To Spend Mother's Day - Mother’s Day is an important day of the year for both mothers and kids - that calls for a grand celebration.

Self Care in Challenging Times -Self care is one of the best ways to ensure you’re reaching your full potential. Think of it as a holiday for your body, a hug for your soul and a rest for your mind. Tough times don’t always call for tough choices, they call for thoughtful ones as well.

What is GOTS? GOTS is a textile production certification that limits the use of toxic bleaches, dyes and other chemical inputs during the production process of textiles. It is internationally recognised as the toughest organic textile standard because it goes far beyond verifying the organic farming process to include every step of manufacturing.

What is Sustainable? We chat with you the difference between natural fibres and synthetic and what it Takes to be sustainable .

Four Sweet and Sustainable Valentines day ideas. We all know the narrative driven by consumerism – Valentine’s Day is the holiday to spoil your loved one with expensive gifts, cards, lingerie, toys, red roses, chocolates. If you’re not extravagant in your declarations of love, you’re not doing enough, it doesn’t mean enough.

It is so important to look after yourself and nurture the whole you while being pregnant. We have popped our top tips we have found / experienced to assist our mums to be when being

Advantages On Dressing Your Bub In Cotton. Here at Miann and Co cotton is at our very core. All of our clothing is made from the finest 100% cotton yarn (no synthetic nasties). We are in love with our new range of natural cotton, gender-neutral baby clothing.

Our bedding collection is made from 100% natural fibers. They are breathable and soft against your little ones sensitive skin. Resulting in a better nights sleep for your babies and for you!

Natural Products | The Hermosa Co. We stock this beautiful range of natural skincare products at Miann & Co. Teaming up with The Hermosa Co seemed like a wonderful union as the ethos that they aim to live their life by is so similar to our very own.

What Matter is what lies beneath. Extending our natural / organic offering has been something that we have been passionate about and working on behind the scenes for sometime now.

Looking After Yourself Postpartum. Whilst going through postpartum you move through many changes, emotionally and physically. You are also learning how to look after a new human!

The Importance of Natural Fibers. At Miann & Co we always design and create with ethics and sustainably in mind. We thought it would be a great idea to give you a run down on the fabrics that we use in our products and generally the types of fabrics you want to be looking out for.

Baby Shower Gift Giving. Our baby gift packs are the perfect present for a newborn gift or a baby shower gift.

Cotton Knit Textures. Here at Miann and Co it is no secret that we adore cotton. All of our handcrafted little pieces are made from the finest 100% cotton yarn (no synthetic nasties of course!).

Caring For Your Baby's Clothing. Looking after your gorgeous little Miann and Co garments is very important as with the right care these keepsake pieces will last the test of time. Please remember that all of our garments are unique and it is best to read the care label on each to ensure you look after your special piece correctly.

International Women's Day 2020. Happy International Womens Day to those who came before us, those who champion us today and those who are to come. Here's to understanding that strong women come in all forms; wether you're gentle, a woman of colour, brash, ambitious, athletic, caring, a member or ally of the LGBTQIA community – you’re strong, and you’re appreciated.

World Compliment Day. Our lives are so busy - full of work, family, friends and within that carving out time to make dinner, clean, go shopping, and sometimes (we're super guilty of this) you even have to make time to sleep!

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